Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Diane Henshaw "The Leftovers" and Floating World at University of Ulster Gallery Belfast

Preview: Friday 5th October 6-8pm
University Gallery, York Street, Belfast


'd   r   a   w   i   n  g'

Artists Statement

draw    pull, drag, haul, tow, tug, heave
attract, allure, entice, invite, tempt, induce,
persuade, influence, elicit, call forth, evoke
sketch, delineate, map out, outline, trace,
depict, portray, represent.
inhale, breathe in, inspire, suck, drain, siphon,
draw off.
move, go, come, proceed, advance, approach,
deduce, infer, conclude, derive, glean, get, take,
pick, choose, select.
draw back
recoil, shrink, retreat, withdraw, retract.
draw out
protract, extend, prolong, drag out, spin out, stretch,
draw up
draft, compose, formulate, prepare,.
halt, stop, pull up.
attraction, pull, lure, influence, magnetism, charisma.
tie, stalemate, dead heat.
raffle, lottery, sweepstake.
draw back
disadvantage, snag, hitch, hindrance, impediment,
obstacle, flaw, fault, imperfection, defect, difficulty,
problem, detriment, shortcoming, deficiency
sketch, picture, delineation, outline, diagram, plan, illustration,
cartoon, representation, portrait.

Henshaw deals with the abstract and has an obsession with Searching for the perfect line - her work known for it's paired down lines and formulated composition has developed to a new enterage of blasting hues and tones using a plethora of line, print, collage & form.  Henshaw synonymous for her use of gestured line and process work - works blind - detraining the eye - and focuses on the apparent, the banal and diary stylised method of dealing methodically with the abstract.

Diane Henshaw graduated with her Degree in Fine Art from the University of Ulster in Belfast in 1995 and with her Masters in Fine Art from UUB in 2000 and has lived in Tempo, Co. Fermanagh for the past 10 years where she works as Arts Officer for Fermanagh District Council.


For this exhibition Floating World have selected a number of book works related to the theme of drawing, linking with themes in Dianes' work.Rareties like early books by Hidehiko Ishibashi and Andy Parsons appear alongside works such as Sarah Carnes photocopied drawing in I love my Yugo. See below for the works that will be in show;

Exhibitions continue: 8th October – 17th November

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Beckett Bucket acts 3 and 4

'Happy Days' the first international Samuel Beckett Festival is now on in Enniskillen. Floating World are present at the event, based in the Castle Museum, with parts 3 & 4 of 'Beckett Bucket'. Parts 1 & 2 have been completed as a handmade artists book which has been published in an edition of only 25 copies. Very splendid it is too! A PDF edition of this will be available at some point in the future via the blog so check back soon. 

For parts 3 & 4 of Beckett Bucket, Floating World are creating a 20 meter scroll of drawings, text and random doodlings..... Oddly enough, people visiting a Beckett Festival are much more reluctant to talk about Beckett to us than people visiting a dinosaur exhibition! Go figure.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Beckett Bucket is now live...

Beckett Bucket is now live at the rather splendid Ulster Museum in Belfast. Despite being menaced by prehistoric beasts our plucky lads have gathered an astounding range of insightful and poetic musings from the general public ... and also directed quite a lot of people to the restrooms

A PDF version of the first act of the completed version of the Beckett Bucket Book will be available via the website and the blog from Mid July. 

Friday, 22 June 2012

... that's right it's a tree.

Our completed display for the Ulster Museum.... All we need now are people to share with us their memories or thoughts on the life and work of Beckett and we will be sorted. Early start from our brave boys from Floating World tomorrow morning....

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Can you see what it is yet?

Here's a photo of work in progress on our Beckett Bucket cardboard environment ... can you see what it is yet?

Monday, 18 June 2012

Here's a taste of what to expect this coming weekend from Beckett Bucket, Act 1.

Here's a taste of what to expect this coming weekend from Beckett Bucket, Act 1. Glenn's drawing shows the cardboard environment where we will be talking to people about Beckett and making the first part of the book. 

Beckett Bucket, Act 1, at the Welcome Area of the Ulster Museum, part of the National Museums of Northern Ireland on Saturday 23rd June 2012 and Sunday 24th June 2012 between 10.00am and 5.00pm.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Floating World have been working with Outland Arts in Fermanagh in a series of workshops based on approaches to bookmaking. Below are a few images form the workshops. Outland Arts website is

Over the course of three weeks we made full case bound hardback books, as well as more experimental pieces.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Beckett Bucket

Next up for Andy Parsons and Glenn Holman..... Beckett Bucket, part of 'Happy Days' the first International Beckett Festival in Enniskillen. In a first for Floating World, Parsons and Holman will create an entirely new publication over the course of the event. Details remain sketchy top secret at present, but check back for updates on what is sure to be a Floating World project with intellectual rigour....... and cardboard!

Turn the Page 2012

On 4th& 5th May Floating World took part in the inaugural ‘Turn the Page’ artist’s book event at 'The Forum' in Norwich, UK.  This was a very well organised and professional event in an area of the UK that up to now has not had an artist’s book event. Very well attended over the 2 days, there was a job of work to be done educating some visitors to the exhibition as to what artist’s books are, but the pionering and unique Floating World cardboard sculptural display was a center of attention and drew good crowd. The work was very well received and a new book by Glynis Candler, ‘Tangled Web’ took top honours for most sales.
‘Turn the Page’ will be held again in 2013 and further information and links will be posted on the website in due course.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

we're back!

...Although to be honest we never went away. This is the new blog address where will be updating on the various projects we're working on - and there's quite a few of them.

First up is 'Turn The Page', which happens next week, more info in the next couple of days...