Saturday, 27 July 2013

Floating World at Get Together 2013

Floating World were delighted to show three books as part of Visual Artists Ireland's Get Together 2013. The books were on display in the Artists’ Books stand in the Common Room area at Get Together 2013 at National College of Art and Design, and we are delighted to say a copy of each was purchased by NIVAL for their collection.

The books on show were.

Sticks and stones
Andy Parsons  
15 x 21cm, unlimited edition, 
Published by Floating World.

Sticks and Stones is a collection of images seen on car journeys  from Sligo to Donegal.The images reference the history of the depiction of landscape and explore the idea of a collision between the sublime and the everyday. 

Glenn Holman
Hand stitched A5 booklet in an edition of 50, signed and numbered by the artist.
24 pages, B&W and colour images and text. 

On one level, Spitfire can be seen as an exploration of personal and cultural memory; how our memories are a construction, mediated by personal choice, acquired knowledge and self mythologising. How we choose to remember, forget or reconfigure our personal histories to construct the identity we wish to project. It explores how often the most significant events in our lives are seemingly the most mundane, or how we choose to elevate them to greater significance in a quest for self knowledge and understanding.

Alternatively, Spitfire could be simply be seen as a visual poem to how 21 pale blue plastic parts can make a four year old boy very, very happy.

Passing Through
Glynis Candler
Hand stitched A6 booklet in an edition of 50, 16 pages, colour text. Published by Floating World.

I use my sharp eye and poetic sensibility to produce lyrical book works that comment on the profound in unexpected ways. My particular interest is in the stages through which we pass focussing on life and what we encounter and discard along the way; the states of emotion and objects that can fade and recur from mind as our consciousness of life past and present evolves. All of my books are designed to provoke thought and reflection, whilst at the same time providing pleasure through the timelessness of the book format that can be revisited time and again. I bind and finish my books to reflect the ethos behind the contents. 'Passing Through' signifies the clean whiteness of new life with the vein of blood that keeps on flowing through life's emotional roller coaster of existence.