Thursday, 13 June 2013

Sarah Carne talks about 'Line Drawing VII', part of Reading Room at Crescent Arts Centre Belfast

Line Drawing VII is, at its title suggest, the seventh in a series of drawings, of a diecast scale model Yugo, that I am exhibiting in galleries around the world in an attempt to create a trans-global line drawing.

With each drawing the exhibiting gallery receives a Yugo Car Pin that serves as a nominal map pin marking its location. Taking Paul Auster’s iconic detective novel The New York Trilogy as its initial inspiration, in which Auster’s street walking character Stillman spells out his message through the route he takes, as the project develops virtual connections are created between each Yugo pin point. Ultimately, if they were to be joined together with a physical line, the lines would spell written across both hemispheres I Love my Yugo.

Sitting within the framework of the ongoing multi-media project ‘I love my Yugo’ the car’s status, complicated by both personal and national inheritance, becomes elevated by scale and association. The original Yugo 45 was purchased in 1988 as a family car and inherited reluctantly in 1995. The car was then retired as a functioning vehicle in 2006 and itself transformed into an artwork through the addition of letraset text on its bodywork. It is currently in storage awaiting a musical.

Drawings have been exhibited so far in Moscow, Beijing, Sligo and London with Line Drawings V and VI also opening in Melbourne galleries Seventh and Screen Space this month. An excerpt from the video I Love my Yugo can be seen here

Sarah Carne June 2013

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